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White cast iron advantages

Posted 5/30/2015

White cast iron mud pumps proved in practice to be 5 times more efficient than regular grey cast iron pumps.

22 percent containing white cast iron pumps proved to be much more efficient than regular grey cast iron centrifugal pumps, shows the recent engineering report. So far we achieved max 300 % efficiency, but by forming the special microstructure of the centrifugal pump parts, we managed to achieve 500 % efficiency.

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Our company produces regular quality and the most durable in the market high chrome centrifugal mud pumps for water well and geothermal drilling applications. Centrifugal pumps withstand very extreme abrasion environments. It is not required to replace centrifugal pump's wearing parts very frequently.

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Centrifugal pumps

Our engineers developed the special alloy white cast iron centrifugal mud pump parts, which are completely interchangeable with standard Mission®, Harrisburg®, Demco®, MCM®, Mattco® and Halco® centrifugal pumps.

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